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Once upon a time, there were 5 countries. Each of them used a single shape to represent their country flags:
1. Triangle, 2. Star, 3. Rhombus, 4. Arrow, and 5. Circle.
Every year they gather for a meeting, each becoming a host for the others. This year, Circle Land was the host.

On one morning the third day of their gathering, the host leader came running out of the room, claiming that his heirloom ring was stolen. 
He suspected that it was one of the other leaders. So he called them all in and asked each one what they were doing between the time of theft.

Their replies were:
   1. The Triangle Leader (with a cup of coffee): I was enjoying the morning coffee inside the guest room. 
   2. The Star Leader (with a newspaper in his hand): I was reading the latest news to make sure my country was safe and sound. 
   3. The Rhombus Leader (empty-handed): I was on the balcony correcting your flag, which was upside down by mistake.
   4. The Arrow Leader (with a mobile phone in his hand): I was messaging my wife that we will return to the port in the next two days. 

Upon hearing all of them, the host leader quickly determined who the thief was.
Who took the captain’s valuables? (answer with the respective number)


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