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Journal Awaits

If you are seeing this, that means you were able to read my code and open the portal. Well done! Now, if you plan to help me locate my friend, Luca, I want to know what kind of resonance you have. Let's try a little experiment...
start by decoding my cipher below (hint: only WORDS count)

JE6-1(19,4) JE2-2(1,11) JE2-2(4,4) JE4-2(9,9)
JE2-1(7,6) JE2-2(4,4)  JE3-2(2,9-10) ?

CLUE: JE1(5,6) = situation

     Alright, now onto the next one:

What was the lowest temperature
Luca recorded in his journal entries?

     Finally, tell me in as many or as few words as you'd like:

What do you know about this story so far? 

Letter sent!

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