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Our Story

Bringing the world back together
one adventure at a time

We Believe

The Mind is Essential
Creativity is Borderless
Imagination Inspires Hope

The Origin

...crafted by a highly creative nerd as a place where her daughter could imagine without limits and bring her dreams to life. But this story was just getting started.


Less than a decade later, this highly creative nerd happened across another highly creative nerd during a tabletop RPG session, and the next chapter began.


After a few months - and countless hours of gaming - the two realized they shared a passion for building and storytelling, so they decided to take on the most daring adventure yet: building an entirely new universe that challenged what the mind was capable of and pushed the limits of their imagination.

This is the world of Cloudless.

It Began as a Bedtime Story

The Nerds

Steve Sciacchitano

Co-founder / CTO / Tinkerer

Basically the only responsible adult around here... Handles most of the technical stuff and in the “day-time” works on robotic systems. Also passionate about music.

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Sara Shoemaker

Co-founder / CEO / Storyteller

The truly creative and imaginative one. Also a Sith Lord, mama of 2 kids, a geek, stick shift enthusiast, and a Dungeon Master.

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